Golchador of Lindon (birthname: Fangor), former Warden of the Gates of Imladris



Istilnel of Mirobel, former smith at the Forges of Mirobel, builder of the Elven refuge of Rivendell and Warden of the Gates of Imladris

Faemagor of Rivendell, survivor of the War of the Last Alliance and the War between Arnor and Angmar

Taurandis of Rivendell (birthname: Faelcham), Esteldín friend and former Watcher of Rivendell

Fangorien of Rivendell, former Guardian of the Elven refuge of Edhelion and travel escort in Ered Luin

Eroleth of Esteldín, half-Noldo, half-Dúnadaneth of the North, soon to be a Ranger [aliases: Elizabeth Turnipfield, Mithryn (Grey Hound)]



Haldaer of Tirion

Londhir of Lindon, wandering master of lore

Malfain of Rivendell, wandering musician

Orelchon of Lindon, wandering warrior

Radrion, wandering hunter

Turthan of Rivendell, wandering scribe



Rohenien of Edhellond, game-master and skilled minstrel (non-Noldo OOC character)



Alagothrandir of Combe, Ranger of the North and tutor to Eroleth

Brechigil of Evendim, Ranger of the North and tutor to Alagothrandir


*Guests are characters who do not belong to the Rendir en rhovan kinship, yet they have roleplayed extensively with members of our kinship before its founding and they may appear frequently in the kinship's future RP events. Their contribution to our activities is much appreciated, hence why we give them credit here by mentioning their names in our roster. Thank you!